Training Calendar

June – July 2020

Through 7/30/2020, we will offer Basic Training for new users and refreshers for current users online, in lieu of in-person trainings. Online trainings use the Zoom cloud platform for video conferencing; for tips on using Zoom, please see KnoxHMIS User Guide – Online Training with Zoom (also posted on the Training page of this site). To schedule with KnoxHMIS trainer Abby Wintker, please email

Office Hours
Online, open-forum office hours are held January through October on the fourth Thursday of the month, from 2—3PM. KnoxHMIS trainer Abby Wintker is available to help with questions, and users can log in anytime during the hour. Quarterly —in lieu of an open forum— we plan an advanced training to focus on a topic: for example, Client Income was covered in February and a workshop on Chronic Homelessness was held in May. NOTE: July 2020 Open Office will be on the 5th Thursday of the month, 7/30/20.

Support Sessions and Training By Request
Additionally, Partner Agency Users may request online support sessions to address data quality issues, or advanced trainings such as Federal Partner Program-Specific Data Elements or Using Reports to Analyze and Interpret Your Data. Support sessions are generally quick and informal, and by-request trainings are usually scheduled for 1-hour blocks.

Upcoming KnoxHMIS Advanced Training (on Zoom)
August 27, 2020, 2-3 PM: Click here to Join

Upcoming KnoxHMIS Open Office Hours (on Zoom)
July 30*, 2020, 2-3 PM: Click here to Join

September 24, 2020, 2 -3 PM: Click here to Join

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