KnoxHMIS is an empirical window into homelessness in Knoxville-Knox County, TN

KnoxHMIS services:

  • Is a secured computer data collection system used by social service agencies in the greater Knoxville, TN area who provide housing and related supportive services.
  • Facilitates our community‚Äôs CHAMP (Coordinated Housing Assessment Match Plan), which aims to quickly assess the needs and strengths of those experiencing homelessness to better match them to the most appropriate community resource
  • Provides an on-line housing resource guide to the public to assist in finding help
  • Reports quarterly facts and outcomes related to homelessness to the public through the Community Dashboard on Homelessness.


KnoxHMIS started operation in 2004 through the efforts of Dr. David Patterson, Endowed Professor of Mental Health Research and Practice. KnoxHMIS is a collaborative project between the University of Tennessee College of Social Work and the Social Work Office of Research and Public Service (SWORPS). As part of University of Tennessee-Knoxville land grant mission, KnoxHMIS serves as a community outreach research partner. As such, we endeavor to engage with our community partners to foster greater understanding of the social consequences, human impact, and other deleterious effects of homelessness.


KnoxHMIS is facilitated by:

David A. Patterson, Ph.D.
Cooper-Herron Endowed Professor in Mental Health Research and Practice, Professor and Director
Chris Smith, LCSW
CHAMP Facilitator
Nate First, LCSW, MA
Program Manager
Deidre Ford
IT Team Leader
Software Development and Systems Engineering, UT SWORPS
Abby Wintker
Training Coordinator II
Software Development and Systems Engineering, UT SWORPS
Gary Moats
Lead Application Developer
Software Development and Systems Engineering, UT SWORPS